Calderdale Music

Music connects us: it has the ability to improve our lives and bring people together. It helps people to grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and lead bright futures.

We’re here to help the young people, schools and diverse communities of Calderdale to make the most of life-enhancing music opportunities. Our aim is to provide everyone access to the best music education and service provision available in the region.

As Calderdale’s leading music education provider, we support professional development in schools, inspiring confidence and offering bespoke curriculum support that enhances music education for teachers and learners alike.

We are also the lead organisation for Calderdale Music Hub. We work with local schools, cultural organisations and community groups to bring exciting opportunities and live performance to people’s doorsteps.

We go above and beyond traditional music education to focus on the needs of individuals, with a tailored approach that not only opens musical doors and opportunities, but uniquely supports them on their life-long learning journey.

Calderdale Music offer lessons in a wide range of musical instruments to people of all ages. Learning an instrument is a fine way to bring joy into your life so why not start today!
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Music Lessons

Playing music is never more satisfying than when you can share the experience with others. That's why we offer a wide range of music groups covering many styles and ability levels.
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Music Groups

To bring the best quality music education to the children of Calderdale, we bring music lessons and activities to schools across the region.
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Music in Schools