Calderdale Music Debt Policy

This policy aims to help Calderdale Music adopt a consistent approach to debt with a longer term view of reducing liabilities to a bare minimum by limiting such debts to those incurred in wholly exceptional circumstances.

Where personal debt does occur within our organisation, it becomes necessary to use funding received from the Arts Council (ie monies intended to benefit the musical education of all children within Calderdale) to cover the shortfall..

Additionally, the time and resources needed to chase up such debt further diverts scarce resources from Calderdale Music, resources which would more usefully be deployed in broadening provision of musical education to children within the area. Calderdale Music is sure that every customer would agree that this is not acceptable and accordingly we urge customers to give this policy their full support.

Any customers who are experiencing difficulty in paying for a chargeable service offered by (and/or contracted with) Calderdale Music should inform the office as soon as possible, in which event an appropriate payment plan will be put in place to address the problem in a constructive manner.

Debt Policy Information for Customers

Key Information

  • All contracted services must be paid for in accordance with the terms outlined in the relevant contract of engagement
  • All invoiced services must be paid for by the date shown on the invoice

Calderdale Music will follow the principles of good practice set out below:

  • Operating an equitable charging structure
  • Reviewing processes regularly to ensure fitness for purpose
  • Promoting BACs as the preferred method of payment with a range of other options available for those customers without ready access to this facility

Customers must always endeavour to pay in advance for services provided.

Payment can be made using any of the payment methods detailed below:

  • Online via BACS payment – this is our preferred method
  • Direct Debit – a charge of 2.5% will be made to all payments by direct debit

Where payment has not been received by the due date, a series of actions will be initiated by Calderdale Music:

  • A debt reminder will be issued via email or by post, allowing a further seven days for payment to be received. An administration charge of £10 will be added to your invoice.
  • If payment is not received after the additional seven days, personal contact will be made with the customer to resolve the situation and an agreed action plan for payment made. Usually this will be a further seven days and subject to an additional administration charge of £10.  Confirmation of the terms of agreed payment will be sent via email.
  • If payment is not received within the agreed timescales (or if it proves impossible to establish personal contact and agree an action plan) all services provided will be terminated with immediate effect (and this action will be confirmed by email and/or post).

Please remember Calderdale Music are here to help and will be sympathetic to individual circumstances. However, in certain cases where no progress can be made in resolving a debt situation it may be necessary for a claim to be pursued via the Small Claims Court.

We hope that implementation of this policy will help customers to manage payments in an appropriate manner and at the same time ensure that all Calderdale Music funds remain available for their intended purpose.

If you have any concerns in relation to prompt payment please do not hesitate to contact us.