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Debut Strings

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Debut Strings is an exciting ensemble for young, aspiring string players who play open strings and hold a bow. If your child would like to develop the skills needed to play in a string ensemble in a fun and sociable group environment, this is the ensemble for them!

What is it like being in Debut Strings? Watch our video to find out !

Debut Strings takes place on Saturdays from 11.45am – 12.15pm at our music centre at The Old Courthouse, Halifax.

You can add instrument hire to your application, just £7 for half a term!

You can join any of our ensembles for £5 per week per student.

Past Events
18th March 2024 – ensembles concert at The Old Courthouse
25th May 2024 – Piece Hall bandstand

Upcoming events:
15th July 2024 – ensembles concert at The Old Courthouse


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