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Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons Banner Image

About Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument crucial for providing rhythmic and harmonic support in various musical genres, such as rock, jazz, funk, blues, pop, and metal. With its deep, resonant tones, the bass guitar lays the foundation for grooves and maintains the beat in a band setting. Renowned bassists like Jaco Pastorius, Paul McCartney, Flea, Geddy Lee, and Victor Wooten have showcased the instrument’s versatility and profound impact on music.

Bass guitar lessons offer numerous benefits, including improved timing, rhythm, and musical understanding. Students develop finger strength, dexterity, and the ability to collaborate closely with other musicians. Learning the bass enhances creativity, expression, and ear training, while imparting essential skills such as groove creation, various playing techniques, chord and scale knowledge, improvisation, and music theory application. Overall, bass guitar lessons provide a solid foundation for any aspiring musician and are integral to developing a comprehensive musical skill set.

If you’re looking to start bass guitar lessons, why not get in touch today? Whatever your level, our music leaders are here to teach and support you, and to help you to become the best player you can be.

Bass Guitar Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

20 Minute – £15.40 per lesson
30 Minute – £21.45 per lesson

Paired Lessons

20 Minute Paired – £7.70 per lesson
30 Minute Paired – £11.55 per lesson

Group Lessons (schools only)

30 minutes for 3 to 6 pupils – £6.60 per lesson

Meet the Teachers

Patrick Eady

Music Leader
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