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Brass Lessons

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About Brass Lessons

Brass instruments are brilliant to learn. They are loud, shiny and can produce some absolutely stunning music. Here at Calderdale Music, we offer lessons in a wide variety of brass instruments, from Euphoniums to Trumpets, from Cornets to Trombones. Brass lessons can be a great way to develop your musical skills and open you up to a world of opportunities.

Brass instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share a similar playing style. This allows for a great opportunity to learn further instruments as your skills progress. Brass players are often sought after, not only for orchestral roles, but also in Jazz, Pop, Funk, Ska and, lest we forget, the unique and vibrant Brass Band.

So if you’re looking to start lessons in a brass instrument, why not get in touch today? Whatever your level, our music leaders are here to teach and support you, and to help you to become the best player you can be.

Brass Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

20 Minute – £15.40 per lesson
30 Minute – £21.45 per lesson

Paired Lessons

20 Minute Paired – £7.70 per lesson
30 Minute Paired – £11.55 per lesson

Group Lessons (schools only)

30 minutes for 3 to 6 pupils – £6.60 per lesson

Meet the Teachers

Harriette Spencer-Kennedy

Music Leader
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Stephen Drinkwater

Music Leader
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