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Drum Lessons

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About Drum Lessons

Drums are often seen as the loud, brash member of the music family, but this doesn’t do them justice. Drums can be subtle, aggressive and everything in between. Here at Calderdale Music, we offer drum lessons to help you learn true control of the instrument and bring a swagger and style to your playing. Drum lessons can be a great way to develop your rhythmical abilities and open you up to a world of opportunities.

Drums and percussion are an instrument group that offers a truly breathtaking selection of sounds. From the humble snare drum to cowbells, gongs and more, a drummer has an abundance of options to tailor their equipment to the type of music they want to play. While percussion sections are common in classical music, the drum kit is a familiar sight in most modern styles, providing the rhythmical heart to most pop, rock, jazz, folk and pretty much every other style of popular music!

If you’re looking to start drum lessons, why not get in touch today? Whatever your level, our music leaders are here to teach and support you, and to help you to become the best player you can be.

Drum Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

20 Minute – £15.40 per lesson
30 Minute – £21.45 per lesson

Paired Lessons

20 Minute Paired – £7.70 per lesson
30 Minute Paired – £11.55 per lesson

Group Lessons (schools only)

30 minutes for 3 to 6 pupils – £6.60 per lesson

Meet the Teachers

Fotios Kalantzis

Music Leader
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Stephen Drinkwater

Music Leader
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