About Singing Lessons

The voice is an instrument that we nearly all have, but not all of us know how to use. If you want to become the next Adele, Ella Fitzgerald or Freddie Mercury, Calderdale Music is the place to learn. We believe that learning to improve your singing voice can be a valuable pursuit for anyone of any age. Learning to sing can also help you to express creativity, develop your interpersonal skills and build new levels of self-confidence.

Singing is at the heart of most popular music and a good singer can turn a good song into an incredible one. Likewise, singing lessons can help you control an improve your technique to turn a good voice into something special. Taking lessons may also help inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and help turn a hobby into a passion.

If you would like to improve your vocal skills, why not get in touch today? Whatever your level, our music leaders are here to teach and support you, and to help you to become the best singer you can be.

Singing Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

20 Minute – £14 per lesson
30 Minute – £19.50 per lesson

Paired Lessons

20 Minute Paired – £7 per lesson
30 Minute Paired – £10.50 per lesson

Group Lessons (schools only)

30 minutes for 3 to 6 pupils – £6 per lesson

Meet the Teachers

Colleen Brown

Music Leader
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Laura Durrans

Associate Director - Schools, Singing and Inclusion
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