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Ukulele Lessons

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About Ukulele Lessons

The Ukulele is a perfect instrument for a new musician, and one that can be a great addition to the arsenal of an experienced one. Here at Calderdale Music, we find that Ukulele lessons can be a great introduction to the world of music performance, thanks in no small part to the low cost of the instrument and its small size.

The Ukulele is of Portuguese origin, but is nowadays more associated with Hawaii. It is an instrument that is a good for beginners, but mastery of it can take a very long time. Ukuleles can be heard in a number of Folk, Pop, Rock and Classical works, and Ukulele arrangements have been written for a wide range of popular songs.

If you’re looking to start learning a musical instrument, why not give the Ukulele a go and get in touch today? Whatever your level, our music leaders are here to teach and support you, and to help you to become the best player you can be.

Ukulele Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

20 Minute – £15.40 per lesson
30 Minute – £21.45 per lesson

Paired Lessons

20 Minute Paired – £7.70 per lesson
30 Minute Paired – £11.55 per lesson

Group Lessons (schools only)

30 minutes for 3 to 6 pupils – £6.60 per lesson

Meet the Teachers

Patrick Eady

Music Leader
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Stephen Drinkwater

Music Leader
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