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Terms and Conditions and the Agreement

This agreement is between you and Calderdale Music Trust Ltd.


For the purpose of this agreement “term/ly” refers to the following periods in the academic year 2021/22: Autumn Term 6 September to 17 December inclusive / Spring Term 3 January to 8 April inclusive / Summer Term 25 April to 22 July inclusive

  • Calderdale Music Trust charge a rate per lesson invoiced termly in advance for the dates specified. No refunds can be given for pupil absences including school trips and activities.
  • Where Calderdale Music Trust are unable to provide a lesson due to Music Leader illness we will endeavour to reschedule the lesson or offer an alternative lesson online where possible.
  • All students/parents will have access to SpeedAdmin to receive lesson feedback, teaching material and notifications of absence. Login details will be issued upon receipt of application.
  • Where a child is at home as a result of Covid regulations Calderdale Music Trust will endeavour to provide online tuition where possible. Additional charges may apply for children taking group/ 20-minute paired lessons.
  • Group lessons are 30 minutes long and can only be set up in a school where there are 3 or more enrolments on any particular instrument. You will be informed when your child has a place. Where there are only two pupils enrolled you will be invoiced for a 20 minute paired lesson and the lesson time will change accordingly. If a group size reduces down to two pupils, payers will be invoiced for 20 minute paired lessons for the start of the next term.
  • It is not the responsibility of Trust Music Leaders to ensure pupils attend lessons. However, every effort will be made to encourage good attendance. Refunds cannot be given for non-attendance of pupils.
  • Details for the direct debit will be sent to you, with your invoice, in advance from the Trust. A charge of 2.5% will be made to all payments by direct debit.
  • If a pupil withdraws from lessons during the term the full term must be paid for. No refunds will be given.
  • Lessons will only commence upon receipt of payment in full or by completing a monthly direct debit agreement. In some circumstances Calderdale Music Trust Ltd may allow lessons to commence without payment subject to an agreed payment plan.
  • I understand this agreement is binding and will continue until it is cancelled, in writing or through my Speed Admin account, at least 2 weeks before the end of a school term.
  • I understand the Trust will inform me of any changes in fees, terms and conditions, or any other relevant alterations to Trust delivery. NOTE: changes to day and time of lessons or Music Leader may be effected at any time and are NOT considered as changes to terms and conditions and are not relevant alterations to Trust delivery.
  • Lessons may take place at any time during the school day.
  • Instrument hire and ensemble membership incur additional charges.
  • Where Calderdale Music Trust have been unable to fulfil their obligations to provide the invoiced number of lessons a credit will be issued at the end of the term.
  • Where lessons are given online, a parent/guardian will be present during the session for safeguarding reasons.
  • Where lessons are given online, Calderdale Music Trust can not be held responsible for any technical issues with connectivity at the home of the pupil

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